Gutter Cleaning


Gutter Cleaning

Although gutter cleaning is one of those jobs most homeowners would rather ignore. Unfortunately, it is a very important chore than needs to be carried out twice a year. As when your home’s gutters become blocked it can cause the need for costly repairs, not only to your gutter themselves but to your home. But this job is often hard to carry out due to the danger involved with working at a height using a ladder. This is why it is often better to leave the job to a team of professionals such as Order Clean Services who offer gutter cleaning services. But for those into a bit of DIY, we have put together some of the best gutter cleaning tips from the professionals. As there is a lot of ways that you can clean your gutters, so it is often hard to know what methods will work best for you.

Have the Right Tools

Gutter cleaning professionals have all the tools ready to get the job done right. Unfortunately, it is often hard to know what tools work the best. But don’t worry you don’t need to run out to the hardware store, luckily enough the majority of these tools are things that you already probably have lying around in your garage or garden shed.

Plastic Scooper

One simple but extremely useful tool to have when cleaning out your home’s gutters is a plastic scooper or small shovel. This could be many things from a garden trowel, a kid’s spade, or a plastic soft drink bottle cut in half. This scooper is very helpful at scooping out built-up debris from the gutters, as this debris is often very smelly and unsightly. So, through having a scoop on hand you can avoid having to get your hands dirty. It is also a lot more effective at getting deep into the gutters to remove mud and leaves.


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