Bathroom Cleaning


Bathroom Cleaning

The bathroom is one of the most-used rooms in the house. Because of this, it’s also one of the hardest to keep clean. In addition to frequent use taking a toll, steam from the shower and sink create the perfect atmosphere for dust, soap scum, and spotty mirrors. We are here to help you keep your bathroom clean and reduce germs.

About Our Bathroom Cleaning Services

As part of our house cleaning services, Ordercleanservices thoroughly clean all surfaces throughout the bathroom. This includes wiping down windowsills, baseboards, blinds, and more. Our experts scrub and remove soap scum from your shower, tub, tile, and grout. Next, we focus on the sink by wiping down the vanity, mirror, and countertops to remove all water spots, toothpaste, and buildup. Perhaps most importantly, we clean the entire toilet inside and out – you’re welcome! We finish by vacuuming bathmats and mopping the bathroom floor to remove hair and debris. We even go the extra mile by polishing faucets, drains caps, and towel holders.

Our Routine Bathroom Cleaning

Our bathroom cleaning process is carefully designed to deliver an absolutely radiant bathroom once our professional cleaning team is finished.

We take the following steps in every bathroom we clean:

  • Remove rugs and hair from floors.
  • Clear cobwebs, dust pictures, blinds, shelves, and baseboards.
  • Remove all the items from your shower and apply a highly effective tile and grout cleaner.
  • Thoroughly wipe your tub and shower surround, making fixtures shine while removing any built-up soap residue.
  • Clean, dry and shine all mirrors, chrome, and tile.
  • Clean your vanity and sink thoroughly.
  • Clean the entire toilet inside and out and clean it entirely.
  • Finally, sweep and mop floors and empty the trash.

As a professional cleaning company, we take pride in our work, which means we guarantee your bathroom will shine with our 24-hour clean guarantee.


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